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      I received a copy of . . . Unto 2300 Days when living in Northern California, February 20, 1980, when a friend brought it to my attention. It appeared that the book was part of a somewhat limited ‘mass’ mailing in Angwin, a small college town north of Napa, California. It is a wonderful thing how God works! I had been prepared for reading and understanding this book for a few years before.
      Two years before (1978) I received this book, I had finished studying the Seventh-day Adventist view of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and made 34 color charts to illustrate those prophecies. Starting the same week I finished these 34 charts, I was shown four proofs, one each week for four weeks, by the Holy Spirit. I concluded that not only were the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to have a fulfillment in a historical setting covering many years, but that those same prophecies were to be repeated as last-day events! —even more precisely will they have a more direct application and fulfillment than in “prophetic history.” I soon learned that the terms type and antitype were an accurate description of this repeating prophecy. (The type was fulfilled in the past, known as prophetic history. The type is the shadow, the precursor, and the explanation of that which is to be known as the antitype, which will be fulfilled as last-day events.)
      I very strongly recommend that you sit down in a quiet place, pray, and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you read this book. Whether or not you accept the type and antitype of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, you will find this book very intriguing and challenging! It was printed way before it’s time! —or was it? It gives me hope to see that there are some who are numbered among Israel who are preparing to be messengers.. Matt 25:6.

Some of my observations of this book are:
      1. That there is a definite, and very exact repeating, —a re-enactment, if you please, of the 2300 years/days and its events.

      2. Not only is this a repeating of events, —but it is the repeating of time. (i.e. At the end of the 2300 years the sanctuary was not cleansed, —but at the end of the 2300 days, —“then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.”)

      3. Only the church teaching the correct fulfillment of “prophetic history” will be able to properly give the God-sent message of the three angels in the right place and at the right time. Everything else will be the confusion of Babylon and her daughters!

      4. All the events of Daniel and Revelation will be repeated!! This is not a pick-and-choose of prophetic events, as the way so many are teaching today. It is God who has laid out the foundation of the fulfilled events, down through the centuries from the time of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar, to the ending events of the 2300 years, October 22, 1844. This type and antitype of prophecy has Jesus as its Author and Jesus as its Interpreter.

      5. Although Matthew 24 is not a specific chapter in this book, it is referenced quite a few times. I have found that Matthew 24 is the key that opens the door to both Daniel and Revelation. Jesus teaches that the prophecies of Daniel will be repeated in Matthew 23, 24, and 25! A full understanding of the meaning of the “abomination of desolation” for the disciples’ generation will give our generation the foundation we need in order to understand what the “abomination of desolation” means for to the last generation of earth’s history. Daniel 8:13; 9:27; 11:31; 12:7, 11, 12.

      6. The greatest events in the history of the world will soon start, and the church who professes to be followers of present truth, are completely and totally ASLEEP!!! They will be as surprised at these events as if no one had warned them! Prejudice blinds the mind, and there is a great deal of prejudice in the church! This is so very sad! In Matthew 25, half are foolish and will vanish into the shadows, and the other half, the wise, just barely make it with their lives, —but all, both foolish and wise, are ASLEEP! What is really sad is that none have the consciousness to be able to give the loud cry, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him!” (Matt 25:6) —for they know not the time of their visitation.

      7. The Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 allots a certain amount of time to the purifying of His church, —70 weeks. In the soon-coming judgment He comes to his church first. After they are purified, they are then ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit and evangelize the world during the times allotted to the Gentiles. Yes, there is a judgment of the living, and it is coming very soon!

      8. “The true understanding of the sanctuary and what constitutes its cleansing relation to the 2300 days will be the foundation and central pillar of the Loud Cry.”  p. 77.6

      I have not met or spoken with the authors. I heard that they were/are a group based in Scottsdale, AZ, but I don't know that for sure. (Update: Yes, they are/were a group in Scottsdale, AZ. Two of the authors contacted me in the fall of 2015 and we exchanged ideas concerning this book. They also gave permission for the continued use of this book, . . . Unto 2300 Days, on this website only.)
      At any rate, the authors did an amazing job of putting this book together and it is clear to me that the Holy Spirit led their every step, and specifically for that time. Even though this book is only 86 pages, it teaches things that are not written within its covers. The authors, I am sure, would have taken the next step of explaining the seven thunders of Revelation 10 (for the seven events are outlined in this book), but that would have taken three more books the same size and a great deal more expense and time.

—P.S. It appears to me from my studies, that Scripture and Ellen White back up nearly every premise of this book. Only a few points do I disagree, which can be attributed to a progression of truth.

Those who refuse to remember
and learn from the past—
are condemned to repeat it!

George Santayana

May the Holy Spirit bless you
in preparing to give the last
message to a dying world.

Patrick McCoy

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